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David B. FitzGerald, MD

David B. FitzGerald, MD

Curriculum Vitae

Brain Imaging Rehabilitation and Cognition Lab

David B. FitzGerald, MD

David FitzGerald is a neurologist specializing in behavioral neurology using functional neuroimaging. Dr. FitzGerald obtained his undergraduate degree (B.S. in Electrical Engineering) from Lafayette College (Easton, PA)in 1976. Subsequently, he earned an MBA from the Wharton School of Business at the University of Pennslyvania in 1980. After working in the electrical engineering field for over 15 years, Dr. FitzGerald enrolled in medical school at the Unversity of Massachusetts (UMass) Medical Center (Worcester, MA) in 1996 and obtained an M.D. in 2000.

Dr. FitzGerald completed his medical internship at St. Elizabeth's Medical Center in Brighton, MA in 2001. He subsequently completed his neurology residency at UMass Medical Center in 2004. Dr. FitzGerald joined the University of Florida community in 2004 as a Neurology Fellow under Kenneth M Heilman, MD.

Dr. FitzGerald currently holds a faculty appointment in the department of Neurology at UF. He currently is supported by the North Florida/South Georgia Veterans' Affairs Health System as an Associate Investigator.

He has strong research interests in cognitive neuroscience and functional magnetic resonance imaging. His current functional imaging projects include: diffusion tensor imaging of traumatic brain injury; clinical trial investigation as to the effectiveness of Donepizil on Alzheimer's disease; and pathological gambling behavior.

Representative Publications:

  • Parkinson, RB, Raymer A, Chang, Y-L, FitzGerald DB, Crosson B, Lesion Characteristics Related to Treatment Improvement in Object and Action Naming for Patients with Chronic Aphasia, Brain and Language, August 2009, 110(2), 61-70 (PMID 19625076)
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  • FitzGerald DB, Mitchell AL, Career Choices: The Fellowship Search, Neurology, January 2008, 70(2): e5-8 (PMID 18180436)
  • FitzGerald DB, Drago V, Jeong Y, Heilman KM, Asymmetrical Alien Hands in Cortico Basal Ganglia Degeneration: Avoidance-Levitation and Tactile Mitgehen, Movement Disorders, March 2007, 22(4): 581-584 (PMID 17230447)
  • FitzGerald DB, Drago V, Sutherland D, Heilman, KM, Carbidopa/Levodopa responsive myoclonus, Movement Disorders, February 2007, 22(3): 392-395 (PMID 17216651)
  • FitzGerald DB, Sargent J, Suran E, Posterior Circulation Infarct after Bronchial Artery Embolization and Coiling, Neurology, October 2005, 65, 1312 (PMID 16247067)
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